Texas Style Holdem Poker App Reviews

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game crashes too much

i love the game but it keeps crashing on me whenever a round is over.


Every time I fold, the game crashes and then I have to start over.


Just Please fix the sound (mute) button

Winning hand

I do not understand why I can have a higher hand, example Ace high flush another player with a Jack high flush and they are called the winner! All the poker I have ever played, high hand won, but not on this game. Ben

Great Game But Some Issues

This is a great game but it needs some work. Several hands that I have played are equal to or better than my opponent and my opponent wins. This happens a lot more than it should. Other than that, a great game.

No folds, ever?

This game isn't real poker, none of the players ever fold???

Great Poker!

I love to play this poker

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